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FREE Trial

We are excited that you want to give SPLAT a try at your school!

We believe that using the software in your classrooms and campus will give you a better understanding of our strengths.

Key elements of the trial:

  1. The trial uses the complete software, nothing is hidden or grey’d out.
  2. We will build a full production environment for your testing. This includes the data bridge so you won’t have to do any data entry and you can see how we present your classes and learners.
  3. There is no specific time limit for the trial, but it isn’t intended to be used for free forever either.
  4. We are here to support you.
  5. If you elect not to use SPLAT, your trial environment and all of your data will be destroyed completely.

We can connect to your district or school using Aeries, Powerschool or Clever. The Aeries and Powerschool connections enable attendance and gradebook functions. All three support roster and classes.In addition to the technology bits, we have a short software agreement which requires a signature or an online click (even for the trial) and your district probably has a data sharing agreement which we will need to approve.

If you elect to use Clever, your district initiates the process by making a request within Clever. Once we get the request it takes a few days to build your environment after which your district enables data sharing. Schools can then use SPLAT with no further human interaction on our part.

Once your school’s data is sync’d to SPLAT with Clever, there is about 30 minutes of setup needed to customize SPLAT to your particular environment. We have a guide to help you with these questions. If you are using Aeries or Powerschool, please contact us so we can work with your technology team to get connected.


We are so excited about SPLAT’s new additions that for a limited time we are offering a special price for $1.50 per student guaranteed for 3 years.