Evaluate SPLAT

teachers discussing about SPLAT application

SPLAT is driven by data from Clever which speeds up the setup process and keeps your classes and students in sync with your SIS. SPLAT helps teachers in keeping the learners engaged and participating in the discussions and activities while promoting positive behavior.

With Clever integration there is no data entry for students, classes and personnel. After the first automated setup, you will only need to create your bell schedule, recognition and stores.

We offer three ways for you to evaluate SPLAT before purchasing:

  • We can arrange a live demo with you. Our SPLAT Support personnel will conduct a 1 on 1 demo with you to answer all your questions.
  • When your school signs up for SPLAT, a limited time offering of 1-year FREE period will be in effect. After your school signs up, we will send an invoice once we have established your census. You may choose to opt in or opt out of our service after the evaluation.


We’re offering schools 1 year free for a limited time.

After your school signs, we will send an invoice once we have established your census with a rate of $1.50 per school-year per student.

Second-semester starts are pro-rated.

SPLAT evaluation sheet


After evaluation and you wish to continue with our services, you may select one of the options below: