Supporting Parents, Learners, Administrators and Teachers

SPLAT is a positive behavior recognition system which Supports Parents, Learners, Administrators, and Teachers.

SPLAT is district-wide by design and requires almost no setup with our Clever integration. Teachers and administrators can use SPLAT on their computers as well as enjoying native apps on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and Chromebooks.

SPLAT is a foundational part of a school’s PBIS efforts:

  • recognize positive behavior and reinforce with store system
  • have different recognition strategies for grade-levels or specific classes
  • record and report on disruptive behavior across the school or district
  • ability to include “expected behaviors” such as attendance and homework without including in store system

How SPLAT helps

Students can receive positive recognition in their classroom or in the school’s common areas by their teachers or the administrative team. Each recognition has a point value determined by the school or teacher. Schools may elect to have stores where these points can be exchanged for privileges or items.

Stores can be class-specific, which is very common for elementary and special needs, or school-wide which is more common in middle and high school. SPLAT also supports recognitions and stores for clubs and sports teams. Points earned in one currency can not be redeemed in other stores.

Students and parents can use the site and apps at no additional charge. On the site and apps, they can review history and shop for privileges and items.

Additionally, SPLAT has referral recording that follows evidence-based decision-making and workflows.


PBIS is a school-wide approach to encourage positive behavior in schools and in class to create a positive climate for learning. With the use of SPLAT, positive behavior reinforcement becomes enjoyable for everyone inside and outside the classroom.

SPLAT’s compliance to the PBIS principles offers an effective way to recognize positive behavior. Learners are encouraged to use the positive points they earn by doing something commendable, in redeeming privileges and grade-specific items. As this cycle keeps on going, doing good becomes a habit.

Additionally, SPLAT has a simplified version of referral recording that matches the evidence-based decision-making.

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SPLAT helps your school to record bullying incidents as well as other major or minor incidents. With these records, schools and districts can identify trends and patterns in student behavior.

Details about secondary parties and “where was the person supposed to be” are also captured. It can link multiple incidents to track “evening of the score” between and among involved parties.

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Why choose SPLAT?

Most positive behavior systems stop at the recognition. SPLAT’s store extends the positive value by allowing Learners to exchange points for privileges and grade-specific items. SPLAT supports teacher, school and team/club stores, each with their own point systems.

Seating Chart

Replicate the actual seating arrangement for all your classes so you can easily recognize your learners and lessen the time memorizing your learners’ names.


Most positive behavior systems stop at the recognition. SPLAT’s store extends the positive value by allowing learners to exchange points for privileges and grade-specific items. SPLAT supports teacher, school and team/club stores, each with their own point systems.


SPLAT lets you create groups of learners and recognize all members of the same group at once.


Quickly generate reports related to recognitions given, items redeemed, referrals recorded and attendance of a student per week, month, per semester or within any specific date range.

How SPLAT Works

SPLAT helps teachers in keeping the learners engaged and participating in the discussions and activities while promoting positive behavior.


SPLAT is driven by data from Clever which speeds up the setup process and keeps your classes and students in sync with your SIS.

With Clever integration there is no data entry for students, classes and personnel. After the first automated setup, you will only need to create your bell schedule, recognitions and stores.

mobile phones displaying SPLAT's software functionalities

Device Support

Carry SPLAT and all of its functionalities along with you wherever you go, by installing it on your iOS or Android. You can also run it via any web browser on your PC or Mac.

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SPLAT’s integration with Clever is 100% encrypted and your district and school PII data is encrypted while in motion and at rest. Our databases are separate for each district so we can comply with your data retention and deletion policies. Districts have ability to make a local backup or extract of the data at any time and can anonymize at year-end or when leaving our service.

The software is in compliance with international standards for data security.

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